Order Business Cards As Your Marketing Tool

Having a business card is not only for employees to remember important details about the company where they are working, but it also serves as a great marketing tool. Using this simple tool, you can easily advertise your business without any effort. It can give you endless ways to spread the good news about your business. It can offer countless opportunities on how you can hand them out to people and leave in public places where your target market is located. If you will read this article in full, then you will learn important tips on how you can get the most out of your business card. If you want […]

Faculty Symposium Showcases Breadth of Research

An internal event held each May, the annual Faculty Research Symposium affords the opportunity for a few Harvard Business School faculty to share their latest research with an audience of doctoral students, HBS staff, and other professors. The goal is to showcase the depth and breadth of research going on at the School. This year the presentation topics included the human tendency toward dishonesty, the use of crowdsourcing to solve major scientific problems, and the impact of private equity investments. UNDERSTANDING DISHONESTY Francesca Gino began her presentation with a sobering list of statistics showcasing the combined cost of white collar crime. Accounting scandals: $40 billion per year. Insurance fraud: $80 […]

Proper consultation, planning, management and research

Event Management is growing very fast this time, because this time mega shows and events hosted regularly on particular place and time. It�s start from festivals to team building sessions, rock concerts to training sessions everywhere it shows. Event management requires proper consultation, planning, management and research that require a lot of hard work and enthusiasm. Conferences, summer camps, get to gather, day camps, sporting events, reception parties, engagement events, business events, meetings and university events are the most common events this time. Offer a number of ideas to make your occasion unforgettable Event management is very successful industry this time for its work effort. You see and considering the […]

Rodent treatment London is essential

Rodents are not necessarily just seen near garbage dumps and in open drains. There are times when the cleanest of homes and apartments in the tallest buildings will get infested with rodents. Pest control central London can treat this infestation in your home, office or any commercial establishment in an effective manner. Not only do rodents look disgusting, they also carry diseases and damage property. They breed at a fast pace and there can literally be dozens of rodents in one single litter. Rodent treatment London ensures that the pests in your house are exterminated and that they stay out for good. There are some things that you can do […]

The Requirements For The Certified Financial Planner Exam

Obtaining the prestigious and generally recognized CFP accreditation will surely open more entrances for you in the financial organizations industry. The Certified Financial Planner Certification is a designation rewarded to those individuals who requirement to take further their job in the trust world, expand their taking in and hone their capabilities, look for a higher or unique business position, enhance pay compensation or more all else stay attentive to the rules of the budgetary organizations industry. The CFP attestation will construe to your potential clients and executives that you were fit to win the most irregular of professionalism, competency and ethical practices that are critical in the financial organizations industry. […]

Stocks to Watch – Maruti & Infosys Share Prices

Both of them have had good returns recently but pundits are of the opinion that too much of dependence on them can lead to setbacks. Maruti share prices saw their all time high when they declared an 80% increase in their annual profit. This came at the time when the Indian auto industry was facing its lowest phase. Quite naturally, most investors were attracted towards this well performing company and share prices showed a tremendous increase. However, note here that this was a sporadic rise and we should not be led into believing that the rally would maintain its sway. Trade pundits state a few reasons, why Maruti share prices […]

Direct Investing in Private Equity

As numerous news stories document, interest on the part of institutional investors in undertaking direct investments�and thus bypassing intermediaries�appears to have increased substantially. More generally, the impact of financial intermediation has also been a subject of considerable examination in the corporate finance literature. On the one hand, these middlemen should be able to overcome transaction cost and information problems; on the other, they may be prone to agency conflicts that affect their performance. In this paper, the authors focus on private equity, a setting in which disintermediation has become increasingly common. Private equity might appear to be a textbook case where the benefits from financial intermediation�in this case, specialized funds�would […]

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